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New methods of technology based teaching and learning are being introduced with every passing day. The concept of ‘e-learning’ is gaining increasing importance in the field of education. The parents and students must be made aware of these new trends in learning. They should realize the importance and effectiveness of these new tools of teaching and learning.

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A convener should be aware of the needs of the modern educational system. He / She has to possess good knowledge about the importance and benefits of the new trends in learning like ‘e-learning’ and online education, apart from traditional way of education.

The convener should access and analyse the product portfolios, models with a benchmarking studies which supports the selection, planning and delivery of product.

The convener must procure required qualitative and quantitative details of the key issues with perception mapping.

The convener will be responsible for appointing counsellors and motivating them. He / She will be responsible to make the counsellor understand the benefits of these new trends in learning. He / She should possess excellent skills in communication.

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The role of a counsellor is a supporter, motivator and facilitator who evaluates the problems of students according to the educational requirements to be satisfied.

A counsellor must be an End user analyser identifying the different needs of students and providing the best possible solutions.

To execute with right and scheduled approach to obtain the level of brand awareness. The counsellor is a mediator between the learning process and the students.The role of the counsellor is important to know the student’s psychology and innate strength. Thus, a counsellor possesses admirable skill of ‘child psychology’ and flawless communication ability and should be ‘techno savvy’.

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