Today is yours to shape.Create a masterpiece !

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‘Educlub’ is a unified practice by New Yug Edusoft Pvt.Ltd. in e-learning world. The objective is signified fresh approach of education. Education should aim at the harmonious development of all the latent and inherent faculties of a child. The role of a teacher should be to guide and mould these young minds so that they can discover these untapped potentials and nurture them without attaining the bookish knowledge. Education should facilitate the resourceful mind of a child which promotes its magnificent development to be an insightful student. ‘Educlub’ has been founded by a group of efficient educationalists, who share a passion and knowledge for guiding and moulding juvenile minds in to mature greenhorn.

The holistic development of the child is foremost believed of Educlub, a lot of emphasis is also given to the fact that learning should be an enjoyable and lasting experience.


“Today is yours to shape. Create a masterpiece!”

The appropriate thought that ‘whatever it is, it is today.’ So start the day with new hopes and put in efforts to bring the best out of it.’

At Educlub, we help the children with the best opportunities to nurture their present and open the gateway for their bright future.

At Educlub, we determine the ambition as a germ from which all growth of nobleness proceeds. At ‘Educlub’ learning is an enthusiastic practice, embraces various activities for the children which enables them to excel in academics. It also provides them the much-needed exposure and awareness which is essential to improve learner’s cognitive strength and hunger of the individual to stand as with the best in today’s techno-world with undefined competition.

The activities like seminars, summer camps, intellectual competitions, sports competitions, and educational tours prove to be an enjoyable and enriching experience for the children. With so many activities and opportunities awaiting the children, we are sure that all of them must be willing to be a part of the ‘Educlub’ family.


  1. To facilitate the holistic development of the child with various intellectual activities.
  2. To strengthen the students’ cognitive, physical and analytical skills through our professional guidance.
  3. To Increase the awareness of students for various career options.
  4. Imparting moral and cultural values to the children.



  1. To provide study material for various subjects that will complement with the school curriculum.
  2. To monitor each student’s educational progress not only the guidance of educationalists but also through various activities.
  3. To motivate and encourage students to enjoy the process of learning and growing.


‘Siksha with Sanskaras’ - Imparting education to the children that will lay down a firm foundation of knowledge and the moral and cultural values.


“Try not to become a man of success but man of value.” -Albert Einstein.

Education should not merely be attained with the objective of scoring good marks and eventually getting a good job. The education should promote a child to obtain an exceptional development of its personality which develop itself into the responsible individual by inculcating the values. ‘Educlub’ aims to live up to this meaning of education. Hence we wish to give the children an ambience of true success. The strong belief of ‘Educlub’ is to develop a child as perfectionist individual which she/he can carry at every phase of life. So our students need not chase success; success will surely follow their path. We offer them a place where they will get to know the idea of healthy competition not comparison.

The students are like tiny buds. They will bloom into beautiful flowers when they grow up. Thus, at Educlub we are committed towards imparting knowledge amongst children which will aid their physical growth and mental development. By strengthening our students’ intellectual, physical and analytical skills through our professional guidance. We give them the best opportunities to think, to evaluate, to analyse and observe with their concealed skills.

Here at Educlub, we promise a completely intellectual atmosphere for children. Apart from receiving academic assistance they also get opportunities to showcase their talents. We make our students the explorer of the great career prospects. They are able to understand their abilities and strengths that help them create a promising future for themselves and for the country as a whole.

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