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Research has shown that sports contribute to the psychological well being by reducing anxiety and depression and enhancing self-esteem. In sports, children find a social milieu that can promote a spirit of social interaction, cooperation and friendship. Sports help children think critically and solve problems. They also enable them to build self-discipline, trust, respect for others, leadership and coping skills, all of which form the foundation of character building. Sports also improve academic and occupational outcomes, lower school dropout and deter delinquency and of course, it develops the mind-body connection by strengthening the body and training the mind to use it for action and reaction. Girls who play sports are more comfortable taking leadership roles in group settings. They learn to set goals and achieve it.

Considering all these factors, Educlub conducts different sports competitions in different cities to re-energize the little minds. The children can be associated with different sports like cricket, football, volleyball, badminton etc.

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