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Jhansi Rani Brigade

The Jhansi Rani Brigade is a club for girls which conducts various events and activities for them. All such events and activities aid the physical growth and mental development of the girls. In today’s world there has been an increase in the number of crimes against women. So it is essential for every girl to learn self defense techniques in order to protect herself in adverse situations. Keeping this in mind, we organize special martial arts and karate classes. Not only do these classes teach the girls self defense techniques, they also improve their basic motor skills and mental focus. They learn to set simple goals and achieve them. It also makes them more disciplined. It also gives the much needed boost to their confidence and they develop a positive self image. This improves their performance in every sphere of life and thus brings about an all round development of their personalities. We render inspiring and motivational talks for girls, on the lives of women achievers. The stories of their lives, their struggles and achievements, motivate the girls to face the challenges of life, work hard and move ahead. We conduct sessions to familiarize the girl students regarding various career options which they can explore.

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