Today is yours to shape.Create a masterpiece ! is an e-learning portal for the mothers-to-be and for mothers of new born babies to children who are eight or nine year old.

A mother and her child have a very unique and special bond. Her role in the child’s growth and development is of vital importance. She nurtures her child and ensures that she gives him/her a good upbringing. Hence we at Educharya aptly call her a genius mom. The portal focuses on the development of new born babies to children who are 8 or 9 year olds. We will cater to the needs of the mothers of these young children so that they can lead their children in the right direction. This in turn will create a stronger bond between the mother and the child. Academic assistance will be provided for students from the nursery to the fourth grade. Importance will also be given to other extracurricular activities which are essential for the all round development of a child.

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