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The concept of Educlub has been put forward by experienced educationists. A talented and dedicated team of professionals and a highly qualified and experienced “Advisory Panel” of educationists promise to give the children, a learning experience which will last with them forever.

Learning through the visual medium has always proved to be more effective for children. Merely giving a lot of information orally or through books might not arouse the interest of a child. A child might not understand a particular concept by just gaining information about it. However, if the concept is explained with the help of a visual aid, it facilitates a better understanding of the concept and this understanding is imprinted in his mind forever.

Over the years, different kinds of visual aids have been incorporated into the teaching methodologies by teachers. In today’s world, technology is also being integrated into the teaching-learning process.

E-learning is one such technology based teaching methodology which is on its way to revolutionize the concept of education. The addition of one more alphabet i.e. ‘e’ to the word ‘learning’ has given the concept of education a new meaning altogether. ‘e’ stands for electronic, so in its simplest sense, e-learning is any learning that is facilitated by the electronic means. Through Educlub we wish to give this concept of e-learning a new lease of life. Learning at Educlub will be far above the clichés of traditional books. The child’s heart and passion will be kept at the core of our endeavour.

The projects which are a part of Educlub :

  1. _An e-learning portal for students from the grade V to X.
  2. _An e-learning portal for the mothers to be to the children of grade IV.
  3. Eduteach _a software for classrooms.
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