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The e-learning platform ‘Educlub’ has been projected under the guidance of experienced educationalists. The huge podium is provided with experienced and qualified professionals. “Advisory Panel” of educationists promise to give the children, a learning experience which will remain with them forever.

Visualization is the effective way to enhance enjoyment to learn. It majorly operates children’s intellectual strength to grasp the information easily. Today’s techno-world is integrated into the teaching- learning process which lags behind the oral method of teaching- learning. A child might not understand a particular concept by just gaining information through books. However, if the concept is explained with the help of a visual aid, it facilitates a better understanding of the concept that engraved in child’s mind forever. The use of audio-visual aids is the most ground-breaking methodology has been adapted by the teachers.

E-learning is one such revolutionised methodology which provided novelty in the educational field. Through Educlub, we promote the methodology of e-learning which upsurges the passion of learning which has been kept at the core of our endeavour.

  1. _An e-learning portal for students from the grade V to X.
  2. _An e-learning portal for the mothers to be the mentor to the children of grade IV.
  3. Eduteach _A software for classrooms.
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